For Physicians

Qualuable - For Physicians

As a physician, your greatest desire is that of making people better.

And yet, in today's world of fragmented care, it's often a challenge to do that which motivated you to go into the practice of medicine in the first place. 

Without a totality of information, you're often ill-equipped to provide care that considers the whole patient.  With gaps in information and missing details, the quality of care you provide may suffer.

Yet, as a Qualuable provider, you'll enjoy the privilege of working collaboratively with regional providers from all healthcare delivery platforms, enjoying access to shared electronic health information and championing best practice protocols and pathways.  Together, with a comprehensive network of resources, you'll be able to provide proactive, highly-coordinated, patient-centered care that not only improves patient outcomes but creates value through gained efficiencies and shared savings.

As a Qualuable ACO participant, you'll be provided the resources needed to improve quality of care, operational efficiencies and patient outcomes, thus leading to the desired shared savings of participation in a successful accountable care organization.

For more information, we encourage you to contact us at (423) 794-5750.

To become a
provider participant
in the Qualuable
ACO, it is required
that you:
  • Be a Medicare-enrolled entity.
  • Currently use or be willing to implement an EMR platform.
  • Participate in the OnePartner Health Information Exchange and sign a data sharing agreement.
  • Hold and maintain all professional licensure, DEA registration, board certification/eligibility and program integrity.
  • Agree to work together to improve quality, value and care of health services to beneficiaries attributed to the ACO under the Medicare Shared Savings Program.
  • Actively participate in clinical integration and adhere to quality assurance and evidence-based clinical guidelines.
  • Participate in patient experience surveys.